Month: October 2018

No such thing as beginners in one awesome road trip

Road trip is for everyone

Yes! It is not discriminating and criticizing. Travelling doesn’t choose any age, gender, type of vehicle, new in travelling or not and most especially time. Road trip is something that you can do anytime as long as you decide on finally doing it. Like any other beginnings, no matter how you prepare for a road trip, it will not always be perfect but it will always be a personal collection of experiences where you could learn and may teach others. As what they say prevention is better than a pound of cure so let us go for things to remember.


This is the number one on the list, vehicle. You have to make a decision between using a private car and public transportation. If you are well verse with directions, have the most updated driver’s license and can handle the pressure of driving then go for a private car just make sure that you have your personal vehicle or …