Month: February 2019

Washington – the heart of USA history

Washington has been the  source of heritage and culture of USA. The president’s place, White House, covers the states of Maryland and Virginia. The Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and several antique museums make it the best for Heritage studying.

Here are some of the best places in Washington. Although, if you are more a beach-loving person, don’t forget to check our top attractions of Hawaii – the paradise Islands!

Places to see in Washington

United States Capitol and Capitol Hill

World-wide known as a symbol of the USA, the Capitol is the place where located the seat of the the Senate and the House of Representatives. The big dome, which reapetes the architecture of the Rome’s dome of St. Peter’s, can be seen amoung all Washington buildings from every angle.

San Juan Islands

Known for its calmness and exquisite beauty of Nature, this place is an ultimate destination for Island Lovers. San Juan is the archipelago of the United States of America. It’s having …

Hawaii – the Paradise Islands

If you are a beach lover and you want to spend your vacations on the long beautiful beaches, it’s time for a trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Known for the exquisite cliffs, waterfalls, and tropical forest, it has the famous Pearl Harbor memorials of World War II. Hawaii offers diverse islands and is known for its outdoor activities. Home to the volcano parks, it offers perfect sightings of mountains and rocks mixed upon. The whale sightings add an extra taste to your trips in the Hawaiian Islands. But if you want to feel American culture spirit to the fullest you ougt to make a trip to the heart of USA history – Washington!

Here are some of the best attractions in Hawaii:


An island, based out of Central Pacific, the Hawaiian range, the possessor of most exotic rainforests you’ll ever experience in your life, Kauai is also known as the “The Garden Isle”. The exquisite cliffs and areas of Na Pali coast have always astonished …

Florida: the Sunshine State

The Southeastern most part of USA, Florida is a beautiful place to see. Having the Gulf of Mexico at its one side, and the Atlantic on the other, Florida has been on the top list of the best places to visit in the USA. It has the perfect mix of Latin American language sense, as well the art and sense of cultures. And if you are into seaside resorts get back on my previous post and read about California sunny places you just must visit once! You definately will not regret it!

Places of Attractions in Florida are as follows:


The international city at the south most tip of Florida, adds a definite taste of ecstasy to beach lovers. The Cuban influences in the cafes at Havana, the turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay, art decorated structures, white sand makes it a perfect holiday destination for youngsters out there. Miami’s beaches offer good security with bay watchers always circling around the beaches, ensuring public safety. …