Hawaii – the Paradise Islands

If you are a beach lover and you want to spend your vacations on the long beautiful beaches, it’s time for a trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Known for the exquisite cliffs, waterfalls, and tropical forest, it has the famous Pearl Harbor memorials of World War II. Hawaii offers diverse islands and is known for its outdoor activities. Home to the volcano parks, it offers perfect sightings of mountains and rocks mixed upon. The whale sightings add an extra taste to your trips in the Hawaiian Islands. But if you want to feel American culture spirit to the fullest you ougt to make a trip to the heart of USA history – Washington!

Here are some of the best attractions in Hawaii:


An island, based out of Central Pacific, the Hawaiian range, the possessor of most exotic rainforests you’ll ever experience in your life, Kauai is also known as the “The Garden Isle”. The exquisite cliffs and areas of Na Pali coast have always astonished travelers worldwide. Go for a memorable vacation with your loved one in this beautiful place. The main attractions of Kauai are as follows:

  • Lihue, visit the natural wonders of Wailua Falls

Hanauma Bay

The Hanauma Bay is a pure marine embayment, located in the south coast of the islands of O’ahu, East Honolulu. The underwater sports are really famous in Hanauma bay. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and corals are the greatest attractions of Hanauma bay. Stay at the beach decks, spent some time on the beaches, drink and eat sea
food, enjoy the night life of the travelers.

Volcano National park

The Hawaii’s Volcano National park on the islands of Hawaii is the place of some active volcanoes. Mauna Loa, Kiluaea, is the famous ones to visit if you are willing to spend your vacation on a lava island. If you are Nature enthusiasts, go for these places with a guide. You will get to know the origins of Earth’s oldest rocks and mountains.

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