Washington – the heart of USA history

Washington has been the  source of heritage and culture of USA. The president’s place, White House, covers the states of Maryland and Virginia. The Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and several antique museums make it the best for Heritage studying.

Here are some of the best places in Washington. Although, if you are more a beach-loving person, don’t forget to check our top attractions of Hawaii – the paradise Islands!

Places to see in Washington

United States Capitol and Capitol Hill

World-wide known as a symbol of the USA, the Capitol is the place where located the seat of the the Senate and the House of Representatives. The big dome, which reapetes the architecture of the Rome’s dome of St. Peter’s, can be seen amoung all Washington buildings from every angle.

San Juan Islands

Known for its calmness and exquisite beauty of Nature, this place is an ultimate destination for Island Lovers. San Juan is the archipelago of the United States of America. It’s having the best rural and wildlife.

The main attractions of this place are as follows:

172 named islands and reefs

Drop your bags on the famous horse-shoe Orcas Islands, and have the taste of “The Emerald Isle” Lopez Island,

“The Friendly Isle”

All water sports including marine trips

Ferry Rides and more

White House

The White House is known for historic presence as it is only the residential place of any elected president of the United States. Located in the Pennsylvania Avenue, it is the workplace of famous individuals like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Roosevelt, Barrack Obama and many more. Created in 1792 by James Hoban at first it was burned by British army in 1814 and then was reconstructed in 1818. This iconic monumental building is the attraction every tourist un USA should see at least once!

Those attractions are free for visitors to accses, along with dozens of other touristic sights in thi region, such as world-class museums and famous monuments.

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